Scuba Diving Lamps DS-PRO

Development, Production and Service of Diving Lights.

Rugged cable. LED display. Sealed, stainless, no-dismount charging terminals. Smart microcontroller. Two independent NiMH battery packs. Rotary ring power switch Seven high power LEDs. Stainless steel battery canister. Description DS-PRO LED

Ryston Electronics has been the leader in scuba diving lamps development and manufacture for years. The diving lamps feature superior performance, reliability and user comfort. For example, the lamp can be recharged without opening to avoid case flooding due to negligent closure. Moreover, a smart charge control and supervision system is available, which, together with a powerful microcontroller, guarantees a long battery life and count of cycles.

The DS-PRO Scuba Diving Lights family is designed for the most demanding underwater conditions. Diving professionals and rescuers, cave explorers as well as amateur technical divers keep testing the equipment, thus contributing to improvement and innovation ideas. Safety, reliability and high performance are the key features of all the lamp models.

LED Display Smart Charging 7 Power LED 24W HID Collimator Lens Water Resist 150 m.